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Arrowhead Springs, California's Ideal Resort

This 217-page hardbound book is filled with hundreds of historic photos,
ephemera, newspaper articles, illustrations, and maps.

The book chronicles the fascinating 150-year saga of the sanitariums,
resorts, and famous spring water, at Arrowhead Springs, California, in
the foothills of the San Bernardino Mountains. The development of
Arrowhead Springs is intertwined with the pioneers and settlers who
came to the San Bernardino Valley in the 1850’s, and established a
collection of frontier communities that blossomed into the citrus belt of
Southern California.

Named for the huge natural arrowhead landmark emblazoned on the
adjacent mountainside, Arrowhead Springs is a beautifully preserved
oasis of hot and cold flowing mineral springs and streams. The resort’s
chic hotels were a favorite haven for Hollywood’s greatest stars, as well
as politicians, and tycoons of industry. The 1939 luxury hotel and the
many other facilities that remain on the property today, stand as amazing
reminders of the resort’s long and colorful history.

The rare photos and memorabilia contained in the book weave together
the history and legends of Arrowhead Springs, from the development of
the first crude sanitarium built by D.N. Smith in 1864, to the magnificent
hotel at the site today.
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Some of the historic buildings and hotels at Arrowhead Springs:
D.N. Smith's Infirmary, circa 1864
The first hotel, circa 1884
The third hotel, 1926
The fourth and current hotel, 1939-present
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