About Us
We specialize in publications on the history of
Southern California

Landis Publications is developing a unique collection of books, images, and various
publications that focus on Southern California's colorful and distinctive history.

Southern California has an abundance of fine local history authors whose works tell
the stories of the settlers, pioneers, entrepreneurs, and even the scoundrels who
shaped the course of the region’s development. These authors have chosen to
document the people and places not found in most history books. Many of these
works had limited circulation, and are difficult to locate anywhere other than Landis
Publications. Suggestions about additions to the selection offered are welcome.

We also offer an expanding collection of historic images that feature vintage artwork
from brochures and advertising materials. These images have been thoughtfully
remastered to create unique posters that will enhance any home, business, or cabin.
Downtown San Bernardino, circa 1870. The city became known as "The Gate
City" into Southern California because of its strategic location on several major
trade routes into the region. The wagon trains show that the town was a major
center of commerce.
Presentations for your group or meeting

We also offer presentations for your historical society, community group, or other
types of meetings. These can be done at no cost within a 1-hour radius of San
Bernardino, Ca. The digital presentations typically run 1 hour, but may be tailored
to suit your time requirements, and the needs of your group. A minimum
audience of 30 persons is preferred.

Available programs:

Arrowhead Springs - California's Ideal Resort
(click the book image at right for a .pdf flyer of the presentation)

The Water Train  and The Arrowhead Line
Photo history of the Pacific Electric Railway's famous
"Arrowhead Line" that carried passengers and tank cars of
the spring water through the streets of downtown San Bernardino
(Click on the image at right for a .pdf flyer of the presentation)

The Tale of The Kite - Touring the Eastern Loop of The Kite-Shaped Track
(click the book image at right for a .pdf flyer of the presentation)
Specially designed tank cars being filled at Arrowhead Springs, circa
1930. Pacific Electric, and later, Southern Pacific locomotives hauled
the tank cars to the bottling plant in Los Angeles.