My Mountain, My People, Volume 1: Arrowhead!
By Stan Bellamy
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Stan Bellamy’s collection of San Bernardino Mountain historic facts and photos is one of the best
local mountain books available. The book details the settlement and development of the western
portion of the San Bernardino Mountains, including Lake Arrowhead and neighboring communities.
Early pioneers, lumbermen, and developers, are well-documented in this 234-page, softcover study
in local history.
The book contains more than 200 historic photographs and maps as well as an index and
The Mountain Guide - 3rd Edition
By Russ Keller, Randy Buecheler, Voni Saxbury
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An excellent guide book that will help you make the most of your time in the San Bernardino
Mountains. What to see and do on and off the beaten path. Includes maps with locations of
points-of-interest, current and vintage photos hidden treasures, historic sites.
102-page softcover with b/w images.
Hiking in The San Bernardino Mountains
By Jim Manning
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A great field guide to 25 interesting, and relatively easy hikes in the San Bernardino Mountains of
Southern California. Jim and Jackie Manning have assembled detailed descriptions of some of the
most scenic hiking spots in the area.
The guide provides directions to the trailheads, history of the location, round-trip hiking distance,
and what to expect on the trail. The book also contains maps and photos of the areas described.
Chard Walker's Cajon - Rail Passage to The Pacific
by Chard Walker
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Chard Walker's "Cajon - Rail Passage to The Pacific" is a "must have" book for any railfan, and it is
one of the finest works on western railroading available. Walker was a longtime Santa Fe Railroad
employee who studied the history of the lines in Southern California, and tells his first-hand story of
working and living as a railroader and railfan in the Cajon Pass. The book is filled with hundreds of
historic photos and maps of the railroad in the Cajon Pass, and nearby regions.

Synopsis from the book:
In 1885, the California Southern Railroad, backed by the Santa Fe, completed it route through the
Cajon Pass, creating the legendary rail passage to the Pacific that survives today as a great artery of
Chard Walker is an author who could tell this story with authority; he was an operator at Summit,
where the Santa Fe and Union Pacific turned the helpers, where tonnage rolled day and night, and
where passed troop trains and streamliners full of passengers.
This is the complete story of Cajon Pass in words and photos, augmented by the superb
cartography of John Signor. This book takes you from the very beginning up to the 1980s; the lore
was gathered and the facts written by a railfan-railroader who was there at the right time. Any railfan
or railroad enthusiast will enjoy the visual and historical richness of this story.
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