The Earp Clan: The Southern California Years
by Nicholas R. Cataldo
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The Earp Clan: The Southern California Years focuses on the family's years in and around San
Bernardino County, after the brothers' time in Tombstone.
Everyone knows the legend of the shootout at the OK Corral where the Earp clan, along with Doc
Holiday, defeated the Clantons. This legend has been told in films, books, and even a TV show, but
what happened after the OK Corral in the lives the Earps is an unwritten bit of local history.
The Earps kept the peace in Tombstone for only two years, then they spent the rest of their lives
largely in San Bernardino County. In California, Virgil Earp ran a Whiskey club in the mining town of
Vanderbilt. He also did assaying work, and some say that he applied that trade at Calico for a while.

The book is illustrated with photos and important historical documentation from the Earp family
history. It is available only in softcover, and measures 6" X 9".
Good Samaritans of The Death Valley
by John and Barbara Marnell
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John and Barbara Marnell have brought back to life the wonderful story of the life of Lou Wescott
Beck, and his faithful dog, Rufus who became known as the Good Samaritans of Death Valley in the
early 1900’s. Beck and Rufus had a near-death experience while prospecting in the desert, and
nearly died of thirst. From that point forward, he vowed to help those who traveled the desert by
placing signs for the sparse water holes in Death Valley and much of the vast Mojave Desert.

This 104 page soft cover book chronicles Beck’s hard work, which undoubtedly saved many desert
travelers lives, well before the land was marked by the Auto Club or government signs.
The Letters of Alfred R. Calhoun: Mojave Desert 1867 - 1868
by John Marnell
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The Letters of Alfred A. Calhoun is the fascinating personal account of a Philadelphia
newspaperman who traveled with the Union Pacific Railway, Eastern Division (UPRED) survey
crew, as they mapped out a new transcontinental railroad route. Calhoun was a writer for The Press
newspaper of Philadelphia, who was assigned to document the monumental survey that began in
Kansas, in June of 1867. This second transcontinental line would ultimately stretch from
Philadelphia, to the Pacific Coast.

217 page soft cover book highlights Calhoun’s letters describing the crew’s adventures from the
Colorado River, westward through the great Mojave Desert in Southern California.
History of Victor Valley
by Leo Lyman
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This beautifully illustrated hardbound book covers the history of the Victor Valley, the gateway to the
magnificent Mojave Desert. Renowned author and historian Edward Leo Lyman has spent years
researching the history of the region, and is one of the foremost experts on the heritage of the
desert southwest. The book begins with the earliest inhabitants of the region, and documents the
pioneers, settlers, ranchers, and developers who built the valley into a thriving desert oasis.

The 409 page hard bound book contains numerous historic maps, documents, and photos of the
region that bring the history of the Victor Valley and surrounding areas to life.
Mohahve VI
by The Mohahve Historical Society
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This book is part VI of a series of books compiled by the Mohahve Historical Society, which
documents the fascinating history of the high desert region of Southern California known as the
Victor Valley. Several well-known local history authors including Edward Leo Lyman, Richard
Thompson, and G. Pat Macha have contributed thoroughly researched chapters that highlight the
communities, families, and significant events of the region.
This 181 page soft cover book is well-illustrated with maps, photos, and historic documents. A full
index section and thorough endnotes make this a must read for anyone interested in the history of
high desert of Southern California.
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