Arrowhead Springs, California's Ideal Resort
by Mark Landis
In Search of Eldorado
by Christopher Landis
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   A series of finely-composed black & white photos of Southern California's
Salton Sea and its desolate surroundings. The text tells the troubled history of
this immense body of water, accidentally formed in the early 20th century by
massive flooding from the Colorado River. The Sea, an important breeding
ground for numerous waterfowl, is gradually becoming more saline and
contaminated; the author/photographer also details what efforts will be
necessary to save it.
   This book is available only in softcover. It measures 11" X 8.5" and features
33 full-page photos.
Pioneer of The Mojave - The Life and Times of Aaron G. Lane
by Richard and Kathryn Thompson
   An excellent history of pioneer Aaron G. Lane who was one of the earliest settlers of the
Mojave Desert region of Southern California known today as the Victor Valley. Lane located
himself on an important trade route near the lower narrows of the Mojave River in 1858. He
survived Indian raids, and constant danger from the criminal element who sometimes
sought refuge on the Mojave Desert. Lane's location often put him at the center of the
political turmoil and military activities that took place in the region.
   In addition to the successes and failures of Lane, the book is a well-documented
account of the peripheral events of the Mojave River Valley, as well as San Bernardino
   The book is well illustrated with maps, photos and important historical documentation
from the period. It is available only in hardcover with a dust jacket, and measures 8.5" X 11".
   This booklet tells the story of the Santa Fe Railroad's famous Kite-Shaped Track tourist
excursion that ran through Southern California from 1892 to 1917. The booklet focuses on
the “eastern loop” portion of the tour through the San Bernardino Valley. The historic photo
journey will take you back to simpler times when orange groves, farms and fledgling
communities began filling Southern California’s vast open spaces following the great land
boom of the 1880’s.
   35 pages profusely illustrated with photos, postcards, maps, timetables, and other railroad
ephemera from the era. 8.5" X 11" softcover.

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The Earp Clan: The Southern California Years
by Nicholas R. Cataldo
   The Earp Clan: The Southern California Years focuses on the family's years in and
around San Bernardino County, after the brothers' time in Tombstone.
Everyone knows the legend of the shootout at the OK Corral where the Earp clan, along
with Doc Holiday, defeated the Clantons. This legend has been told in films, books, and
even a TV show, but what happened after the OK Corral in the lives the Earps is an
unwritten bit of local history.
   The Earps kept the peace in Tombstone for only two years, then they spent the rest of
their lives largely in San Bernardino County. In California, Virgil Earp ran a Whiskey club
in the mining town of Vanderbilt. He also did assaying work, some say that he applied
that trade at Calico for a while.
   The book is illustrated with photos and important historical documentation from the
Earp family history. It is available only in softcover, and measures 6" X 9".
Touring The Eastern Loop of The Kite-Shaped Track
by Mark Landis
   This book chronicles the fascinating 150-year saga of the sanitariums, resorts, and spring
water, at Arrowhead Springs, California, in the foothills of the San Bernardino Mountains. The
development of Arrowhead Springs is intertwined with the pioneers and settlers who came to
the San Bernardino Valley in the 1850’s, and established a collection of frontier communities
that blossomed into the citrus belt of Southern California.
   The resort’s chic hotels were a favorite haven for Hollywood’s greatest stars, as well as
politicians, and tycoons of industry. The 1939 luxury hotel and the many other facilities that
remain on the property today, stand as amazing reminders of the resort’s long and colorful
   The history of the famous Arrowhead Spring water that is still drawn from the site is well
chronicled and illustrated in this book.
The rare photos and memorabilia contained in the book weave together the history and
legends of Arrowhead Springs, from the development of the first crude sanitarium built by D.
N. Smith in 1864, to the magnificent hotel at the site today.
  217-page hardbound book is filled with more than 400 historic photos, ephemera,
newspaper articles, illustrations, and maps. 8.5" X 11" hardbound, with color illustrated cover.
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